Our school is a place of diversity

At our school, we treat each other with tolerance, mindfulness and mutual respect. We take time and space for personal exchange within our school community.

In our daily interactions, we strive for peaceful and friendly communication. We practice careful handling of our school building and all materials.

For us, respectful interaction also means taking each other seriously and learning and living democracy. On the basis of our school rules, in the class council and in the student parliament, we support the children in taking responsibility and in helping to shape school life.

Our school is a place of respect

Our school is a place of diversity, where we live and learn together. Children with different abilities, personalities, potentials and different cultural backgrounds attend our school. We see this diversity as an enrichment that guides our educational activities and shapes and enlivens everyday school life.

An appreciative and sensitive approach to one another is an important basis for living together in our school community, especially with regard to the cultural diversity of our society.

Our school is living space

Our school is located in the middle of the district and is an integral part of the familiar living environment of the children and their families. That is why we promote the networking of our school with other institutions in the district, such as kindergartens, church communities, secondary schools and sports clubs. Learning succeeds best in a friendly learning environment in which one feels in good hands. We are constantly working to create a pleasant atmosphere in which everyone can feel at ease. A colorful school life with jointly organized festivities as well as attractively designed rooms and play facilities in the outdoor area also contribute to this. The close integration with the open all-day school closes the circle of comprehensive care for our children in their daily routine.

Our school creates encounter with culture

Cultural experience is an important part of personality development and thus also of our educational mission. We encourage encounters with literature, art, theater, sports and music. During the school year, a variety of cultural activities take place in our classes and in the school community:

Theater visits, visits to children's concerts, circus projects, visits to the Bible Village and ecumenical worship celebrations, read-aloud weeks and author readings, seasonal meetings of the entire school community, sporting events, and expert visits. During the joint celebrations, the children learn about different customs and traditions of different cultures.