Transition from day care to primary school


March / April


2 years before school enrollment


Information event

for parents of 4 year olds


School management, school counseling center


September / October


Parents' evening/afternoon :


"My child is going to school" in the KiTas with a representative of the school


Colleagues of the 1st school year




Open day at our school with

- Information about the school

- Possibility to participate in lessons in all classes

- Tour of the school premises

- Information about and visit to the BGS and OGS

- cafeteria


entire teaching staff, pupils of the 4th classes


Enrollment of children starting school with a brief initial diagnosis


Exchange with the KiTas about individual children


School management,

Fr. Lassak-Niggemeier



School medical examination by the health department




Invitation of the future school children to the school for different activities 


(e.g. theater performance, reading week, projects, etc.)


 Colleagues with corresponding actions


March / April


Meeting of the elementary school and the KiTas


- Exchange about pedagogical topics


School management, 

Coordinators Kita-GS (Belz, Wnendt)

Fr. Lassak-Niggemeier



After the Easter vacations



School interview at the school for children who are to be enrolled in school early



Taster day for the enrolled children


Fr. Lassak-Niggemeier


Colleagues of the future 1st classes


May / June



Parents' evening: My child is coming to the elementary school Auf der Lieth

- Walking to school and walking bus

- teaching material

- the first day at school

- questions


School management, 

Colleagues of the future 1st classes

Fr. Lassak-Niggemeier





Enrollment on the 2nd day of the new school year

- Ecumenical enrollment service in St.Hedwig

- Enrollment ceremony in the gymnasium of the elementary school

- 1st lesson of the school beginners 

- Standing coffee for family members

-School management and OSG management are available to answer questions. 


Organization of the enrollment ceremony: 2nd classes


Organization of the standing coffee: parent representatives of the 2nd classes


From September


If necessary, exchange between educators and teachers of first graders Colleagues of the 1st school year 




Parent consultation days with the offer of a three-way meeting (teacher-parent-educator) for newly enrolled children. Colleagues of the 1st school year


In the period from November to February


Visiting of the educators in the 1st classes  


During the year


During the year


Invitation of the school newcomers to the former KiTas


Possibly joint parents' evenings of the elementary school and the KiTas


Meeting of the regional group 7


Possibly joint further training for the teachers of the KiTas and the primary school teachers.


Possibly observation in the KiTas by the elementary school teaching staff.













entire college