Parent participation at the elementary school Auf der Lieth

There are many opportunities for our parents to actively participate in everyday school life. In addition to the work in various committees such as the class representative bodies, the school representative body and the school conference, active participation in the practical work for their children is possible and welcome at any time.

Committee work of the elected parent representatives

Class guardianship

Two representatives are elected from the class parents on the first parents' evening of each school year. In consultation with the class teacher, they organize, for example, parent meetings, parent participation in class activities or class excursions. They are contact persons for parents and class teachers as well as members of the school council.

School guardianship

The elected class representatives of all classes of our school participate in the school council. The chairperson of the school council is elected from this group, as are the members of the school conference. The chairperson of the school council is responsible for the management of the school council. He or she decides on the number of meetings and their content with the advice of the principal. As a rule, 2 meetings are held during the school year.

School conference

The decision-making body of the school. It is composed of teachers, parents and the school management. As a rule, there are two meetings per school year. It is chaired by the school management. The school conference decides on all basic matters, e.g. textbooks, floating vacations, further education.


Support association

In our school there is of course also a support association.


Rucksack Schule is a language and education program for parents and school.