OGS and BGS at the elementary school Auf der Lieth


Parents' consultation hours on Wednesdays from 3 to 4 p.m.


Due to the continuing ban on entering the kindergarten and the resulting communication problems between parents and caregivers, we will offer a consultation hour for parents on Wednesdays from 3 to 4 p.m. starting on September 15, 2021. Here you will have the opportunity to talk to your child's caregiver or offer praise and criticism.


If you are interested, please register at Petra Schreiber's email address pschrei2@lspb.de by 12 noon on Tuesdays.


Please include your child's name, class, and the caregiver you would like to talk to (if you don't include the name of the caregiver, the group leader will attend). In order to be able to prepare well for the interview, please also state the reason for your need for an interview, if possible. This will enable the caregivers to gather all the necessary information in advance or to make any necessary consultations with colleagues.


Of course, you will receive feedback before the appointment - even in the event that an interview cannot take place on the desired date. Therefore, please check your inbox by noon on Wednesday. No interview can take place without prior notification. Please have understanding for this.


We look forward to a lively exchange!

The Open All-Day School (OGS) and the Supervised Elementary School (BGS) were established in 2007.


These two facilities work closely together and offer the elementary school children in the district "Auf der Lieth" different care times and reliable care after school.


The parents' association Liethkinder e.V. has been the sponsor of the OGS and BGS since 01.08.2018.


If you have general questions about the parents' association, please contact the association's chairwoman Kirsten Heggemann at kirstenheggemann@web.de or the managing director Birgit Meyer at meyer-birgit@gmx.net.


If you have any questions about the daily routine at the OGS or BGS, please contact the following directly


OGS management: Mrs. Petra Schreiber, phone 0170 / 247 40 42, pschrei2@lspb.de


BGS management: Mrs. Elvira Jahnke, phone 015 73 / 012 49 18



What is BGS?


The Betreute Grundschule (BGS) opens after the fourth lesson at 11:30 a.m. and looks after the registered children until 14:00 p.m. at the latest.


In the BGS a small snack is offered against the big hunger, but no warm lunch.


Lunch brought in as well as leftovers from the school breakfast can of course be eaten.


Pick-up times are fluid. The only exception to the flowing pick-up times is Monday. Here, from the coming school year, the children's conference will take place between 12:30 and 13:15.


The children can decide for themselves whether they want to start homework; however, this will not be supervised separately.


Since the last school year, the BGS shares the group room with a school class. The BGS's play and craft materials are stored in the classroom in lockable cabinets. Other materials are retrieved from other rooms as needed. The OGS rooms, as well as the auditorium, gymnasium and schoolyard may also be used by the BGS children for play.


The care contract is concluded between the parents and the parents' association Liethkinder e.V., which also collects the monthly fee of 65,-€ for the first child and 45,-€ for the sibling. Membership of the association is a mandatory requirement and is set at an annual family fee of 24,- €.


There is no vacation care for BGS children!


New since the school year 2020/2021


At the request of many parents, we offer the possibility of an additional agreement to the BGS contract. The so-called "BGS-plus" includes vacation care. During the vacations as well as on school-free days (e.g. Shrove Monday), these children are allowed to use the all-day care offer analogous to the OGS children. For details, please contact the persons mentioned above. 



Information about the OGS


The care time of the Open All-Day School (OGS) is between 11:30 a.m. and

16:00 hrs. As a rule, children can be picked up at 3:00 p.m. (end of core time) or can leave on their own at 3:00 p.m. or at 4:00 p.m. after a written declaration by the parents. Exceptions to this core time must be communicated to the childcare staff in writing no later than the day before, and in the case of regularly recurring appointments (e.g. sports, music lessons, therapy) as soon as they become known.


Up to 120 children find their place in four groups. In the 2018/2019 school year, more than 100 OGS children were cared for for the first time. Since the last school year, the OGS has been fully occupied with nearly 120 children. The children are largely accommodated in home group rooms according to year. However, this division is fluid. For a large part of the time, they are free to choose their own playroom and play partners. For the weekly children's conference on Fridays, however, they are always in their own group.


Our pedagogical guiding principles in brief:


A cordial togetherness and pedagogical work in line with their needs make it easier for the children to live together. A fixed structure and recurring rituals should provide them with the necessary security. By observing fixed rules, the children learn to solve conflicts independently and thus make everyday life more peaceful.


Our "Golden Rule" is:

Nobody has the right to hurt, insult or exclude the other person.


Our STOPP rule offers the possibility to independently stop annoying and disruptive behavior. This independence of conflict resolution also gives caregivers more time to pay attention to everyone, including the quieter and calmer children. If this rule is not followed, the child must expect an unpleasant consequence.


Children of very different cultures find themselves in our rooms. We see this as an opportunity to live tolerance and respect and to learn and benefit from each other. Children do not make distinctions of their own accord; it is the adults who evaluate and differentiate and pass this attitude on to the children.





The caterer is newly tendered every three years by the city of Paderborn for the Paderborn schools. Since the 2019/2020 school year, the OGS "Liethkinder" has again been purchasing its lunch from the company Esslust.

The meal consists of a warm main course with raw vegetables and dessert. Water is provided as a beverage with the meal. All students of the OGS have the possibility to have their lunch between 11.45 am and 1.45 pm.


Between 14.45 and 15.15 we offer another snack with raw vegetables, fruit and drinks.




The students are accompanied in the homework supervision by teachers and the pedagogical specialists as well as supported by volunteers, FSJ learners and interns. Our goal is to guide the children to independence and personal responsibility by supporting and assisting them with their homework.


Homework support is not tutoring! The control and completeness remains in the responsibility of the parents, so they keep an eye on the child's development.



Working groups


After lunch and homework time, the children have the opportunity to participate in various activities. These change from year to year and are voluntary, except for the sports activities. Sports and exercise are an important component of child development and are therefore obligatory.


Further offers can be: Arts and crafts, reading, magic, garden and nature, soccer, first aid and much more.


Free play


In addition to the AG offerings, free play naturally plays an important role. In addition to the group rooms, we can also use the school's large auditorium. The stage there is perfect for dance, acrobatics and small performances. We also have access to the spacious outdoor area. The small sports field is the meeting place for our soccer players. Sand toys, vehicles, stilts, etc. can be borrowed from a garage. The climbing frame is also a popular play area. There is not a day that we do not go outside, unless it rains persistently.


We also have a garden adjacent to two group rooms that is also used for various activities. Currently, hard-working parents are helping to make the garden appealing and friendly for the children and with the children.




Childcare fee and lunch costs


Parents' contributions for the open all-day school are set on a socially staggered basis in accordance with the guidelines on "Grants for the implementation of extra-curricular activities at open all-day schools in the primary sector" and taking into account the "Contribution regulations for attendance at the open all-day school in Paderborn" in the current version.


In addition to this parental contribution, an income-related catering contribution is charged for the child's participation in lunch. This fee is collected monthly, regardless of vacation periods. Participation in lunch is obligatory for all children in the OGS.


The parental contribution department of the Youth Welfare Office of the City of Paderborn determines the contributions to be paid by the legal guardians for the OGS care and the midday meal. The administration of the incoming amounts is carried out by the City of Paderborn.


Association fee


The parents conclude a childcare contract with the parents' association "Liethkinder e.V." as the sponsor of the open all-day school of the elementary school "Auf der Lieth". This contract is automatically extended for another school year if it is not cancelled in due time (two months before the 31.07. of each year). No notice of termination is necessary to change to the fifth school year.


Membership of the association is a prerequisite for a childcare place and is set at a family annual fee of €24.



All-day care during the vacations


The children of the OGS and BGS-plus are cared for one week during the fall and Easter vacations and at least three weeks during the summer vacations. There is NO care between Christmas and New Year.


Parents will be informed in good time about the specific opening and closing times during the vacations and, if applicable, on other days when there is no school.



The Open All Day School (OGS) and Supervised Elementary School (BGS) "Liethkinder" now has 17 employees (pedagogical staff/professionals, students). All students come from subject-related courses of study and already bring along good theoretical knowledge. Some of them have previously completed an FSJ with us. The group leaders are trained and experienced educators. In addition, there is usually a staff member in the voluntary social year (FSJ) and from time to time interns in pedagogical training.


The team is also supported by two kitchen staff for lunch.