What is the Sdui App?

The Sdui app works on all Smartphones, tablets and PCs.

It is a place for communication and great importance is attached to data protection.


Functions include:

  • Digital sick note via app
  • Receive news
  • Timetable with substitution
  • Secure communication
  • Digital teaching via videoconference
  • Share and collect files in a cloud
  • Translate letters to parents
  • Quickly switch between accounts (for multiple children)

How does the Sdui app work?

After you receive an activation code, ONE parent can use it to log in. To do this, you just need to use the app for their operating system or the computer. Then follow these steps:


  1. Enter zip code and select elementary school on Lieth.
  2. Enter activation code
  3. Enter the child's first & last name
  4. Select the child's class
  5. Enter your own name
  6. You will then receive a user name that you must remember
  7. Set a personal password


To add another parent please follow these steps:


  1. Settings > Options > Create code
  2. Enter password and share code with Partner:In
  3. Partner:In enters activation code and enters own name


To add another child please follow these steps:


  1. Settings > + > Add child
  2. Enter the second activation code 
  3. Follow further instructions